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Zodiac Milpro Boats

Wilco Marine Services are the New Zealand Agent for Zodiac Milpro watercraft which are well renown for being the best inflatable vessels. We offer a full range or services from new vessels, servicing and repairs.  As the Zodiac Milpro saying suggests we provide the best product and service 'for those who work on the water’.

Wilco Marine Services provide Zodiac Milpro watercraft to professionals in New Zealand and the South Pacific.  Renowned for their Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats (RHIB) which is a specialist area of the business.  We provide a range of vessels to government and commercial organisations and also specialise in the provision of vessels to professional marine and rescue organisations.

Wilco Marine Services can supply Zodiac Milpro inflatable and rigid hull vessels, outboard motors, PWCs, and their associated accessories and after sales service.

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